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Lake Annecy restaurants with breathtaking views

June 2024

Lake Annecy restaurants with breathtaking views

We've selected some of the region's finest restaurants to help you make the most of the postcard-perfect scenery our destination has to offer. These establishments have one thing in common: they are all restaurants offering an unforgettable experience on the shores of Lake Annecy.

In this article, we've selected a few addresses mentioned by our customers that we've also enjoyed. In this non-exhaustive list, we've decided to focus on restaurants with the advantage of being right on the water. 
You won't find any gourmet restaurants here, but you can click on the following link to discover the best gourmet restaurants on Lake Annecy

Discover our selection of Lake Annecy restaurants

Le Poisson Rouge in Sévrier

A friendly atmosphere and homemade dishes

Located in Sévrier, Le Poisson Rouge is well known to the locals. The restaurant offers traditional cuisine. Exceptional meats and seafood menu are served. Vegetarian and vegan friends, we would like to point out that this restaurant has many qualities, but is not very suitable for people with special diets. 

Some of the highlights of the menu in our opinion

The menu features fried perch fillets with tartar sauce or cooked shrimps with aioli sauce, to be enjoyed facing the lake, of course.
If you wish, you can also take advantage of the pétanque court and enjoy a drink from the cocktail bar. 

Chez Ma Cousine in Duingt

A family history and the spirit of a refined guinguette

At Chez Ma Cousine in Duingt, you'll discover a family address in an enchanting setting. Book as early as possible and ask for a table on the terrace, which is a veritable step out onto the water of Lake Annecy. 

Asian dishes and local flavors

The à la carte menu features local Savoyard dishes and Asian specialties to satisfy every taste bud.

If you prefer, you can reach the restaurant by road, or by water via the establishment's private pontoon. 

Le Petit Paradis in Angon

A true paradise

Le Petit Paradis, located in Angon (Talloires), lives up to its name. This restaurant combines a privileged location with an equally remarkable quality of service. Ideal for a romantic dinner or family outing, whatever the occasion.

Seasonal menus and unique offers

The Boutik Hôtel team suggests "Pot de terrine maison" and "La Truite : le filet façon grenobloise" or "Le soufflé choco-Paradis"...
If you're looking for a romantic setting, you'll fall under the spell of this timeless place. 

Les Cassines in Talloires

Nice cuisine with magnificent views

Les Cassines in Talloires is an elegant place where gastronomy meets breathtaking scenery. This restaurant is ideal for those looking to combine refined cuisine with exceptional views.

Gastronomic cuisine and wine pairings

The chef offers innovative gourmet cuisine, with dishes that vary according to the season. The carefully selected wine list perfectly meet the flavors of each dish.

L'Auberge du Lac in Veyrier

Traditional French cuisine

L'Auberge du Lac in Veyrier is a restaurant featuring traditional French cuisine. With its charming setting and authentic dishes, it's the ideal place to discover the classic flavors of the region.

Fresh, local ingredients and classic recipes

The menu features traditional recipes prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Enjoy dishes such as coq au vin, gratin dauphinois and many other French delights.


What makes lakeside restaurants so special

The beauty of Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy, with its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking scenery, offers a unique setting for a memorable meal. Our lakeside restaurants boast spectacular views to enhance your dining experience.

Atmosphere and setting

Dining at Lake Annecy is not just about the food. The ambience, fresh air and gentle lapping of the water create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere, ideal for enjoying a meal in complete tranquillity.

Plan your culinary lake tour

Location and accessibility

All these restaurants are within easy reach of Annecy and the surrounding area. Whether you come by car or public transport, you'll find clear directions to each establishment.

Booking tips

To guarantee a table, especially in high season, we recommend booking in advance. Most restaurants offer online or telephone reservation options.

Sustainable practices in these restaurants

Eco-responsible initiatives

Many of these restaurants are committed to eco-responsible practices, such as using renewable energy and reducing food waste.

Support for local producers

By favoring local ingredients, these restaurants support the regional economy and guarantee products of the highest quality.

Lunch or dinner on the shores of Lake Annecy will leave you with unforgettable memories

With spectacular views, tasty cuisine and friendly service, the restaurants we've shared are favorite addresses for guests and locals alike. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the opening days and times of the restaurants listed?

Opening times vary from restaurant to restaurant. We recommend that you check the specific opening times on the website of the restaurant you prefer, or contact them directly by phone for the most up-to-date information. 

Is it necessary to book in advance for lunch or dinner at these restaurants?

Yes, to avoid any disappointment, we strongly advise you to book in advance, especially during the high tourist season and at weekends. 

Are parking spaces available close to these restaurants?

Yes, most Lake Annecy restaurants have parking spaces nearby or offer parking options for their customers. Please check parking information on the restaurant's website or ask our team at the Boutik Hôtel reception desk.