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« A unique place, An exceptional location »

An exceptional location

The Boutique Hotel is situated in the heart of Annecy’s old town. On one side it opens onto a pedestrianised street, 50metres from the main tourist sites, the castle and restaurants; on the other is the tranquil lake and mountain views.

Originally the hotel was a 19th Century residence with its own history… It is situated in the heart of the town in a park of 800m2 with lots of sheltered terraces.

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Concept store hotel

The first Boutique Hotel appeared in New York and San Francisco in the 1980s. Boutique Hotel were originally developed by small creative hoteliers such as interior designers and antique dealers who put designer items in the rooms for sale. These small hotels provided a wide range of services and personalized care.

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A game of Petanque, an aperitif and a selection of tapas are all that is needed to bring friends together! For the more adventurous, organic picnics can be reserved for a walk around the lakes edge. Your friendly hosts are there to help you organize numerous activities such as walking, biking, golf, museums, shopping, skiing, nordic walking, flights over Mont Blanc, water skiing, dog led sleigh rides, depending on the season. They will also help you find your way in and around Annecy.

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Style Laboratory

The Boutik Hotel offers its fashionable/trendy and gourmet guests, the opportunity to choose a souvenir which they can buy and take away with them. Presenting designer items in this way you can sample a range of different living styles.

Each room offers a different atmosphere.

Are you Scandinavian refinement, French antique, Dutch design or vintage ?
Every design fan will find a room to suit them. You can then buy furniture or any item on show through the web site created for the purpose or directly from this 600 m2 showroom hotel.

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