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A selection of the best events in Annecy this summer

July 2023

A selection of the best events in Annecy this summer

Summer is here, and with it a host of exciting events, festivals and celebrations not to be missed in Annecy, our charming town nestling in the heart of Haute Savoie. With its picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage and lively festivities, Annecy offers a complete escape for locals and visitors. In this article, we'll take you on a tour of the diary of events taking place thi summer in Annecy. Get ready for some unique and memorable moments!

The "Fête du lac d'Annecy"

2 minutes far from the Boutik Hôtel, one of Annecy's most eagerly awaited summer events is undoubtedly the Fête du Lac. People come from all over France to take part in this grandiose celebration, which will take place on the lake again this year, on 5 August. Thousands of people gather on the shores of magnificent Lake Annecy to watch a breathtaking fireworks display, accompanied by artistic and musical entertainment. The Lake Annecy Festival is one of the major events in our destination's calendar.

If you're on holiday on this date, on a weekend or visiting Annecy, don't miss this opportunity to experience a moment of enchantment by attending the Fête du lac d'Annecy.

Impérial Annecy Festival 


From 13 to 25 August 2023, this jazz, classical music and comedy event has become a must for fans of artistic performances. The festival offers a varied programme of shows. As every year, renowned artists and emerging talents will perform on stage, offering moments of pure emotion and artistic escapism. The Impérial Annecy Festival is just a few minutes from the centre of Annecy. If you're looking for some lakeside fun, make sure you put it in your diary.


"Drôles de Cartes Postales" exhibition in Annecy

From 16th to 17th September, the "Drôles de Cartes Postales" (Funny Postcards) exhibition is just the thing for lovers of humour and nostalgia. If you're visiting the "Venice of the Alps", this exhibition will invite you in the amusing and quirky world of vintage postcards. This fun and entertaining exhibition will delight everyone, taking you back in time and bringing smiles to your faces.


Annecy, with its natural beauty and cultural dynamism, offers a summer packed with events to suit every taste. Whether you're passionate about music, art, shows or simply looking for a memorable time out, Annecy has something for everyone. The events mentioned above are just a few of the plethora of possibilities offered by the town.
If your stay takes place outside the summer period, rest assured that Annecy comes alive in all seasons, with a wide range of events on offer.
We recommend that you book your stay in advance for these busy periods.
The Boutik Hôtel is located on the lakefront in the centre of Annecy, just a few minutes from the château, and is ideally located to take advantage of events, parties, festivals or any other outing you would like to take part in. 
Get ready to experience unforgettable moments and let Annecy seduce you with its varied and captivating summer programme. Enrich your summer by exploring our city's must-see events and get ready to create memories that will stay with you forever.