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Our selection of exhibition and cultural venues in Annecy

Annecy, our picturesque town nestling in the heart of the French Alps, is much more than a magnificent natural setting. 

It is also a vibrant place of culture and artistic expression. With captivating exhibitions, renowned art galleries and unique creative initiatives, Annecy also seduces art lovers and the curious. 
In this article, we explore the highlights of Annecy's art scene, focusing on "Art by Friends", CITIA, Galerie 361 and the Fondation Salomon. Prepare to be inspired by the cultural richness of our city. 

Art By Friends

Art By Friends was originally a collective set up in 2008 in Annecy, Haute-Savoie, the birthplace of the skateboarding scene. 

A wide range of artists have taken over the Art By Friends exhibition space, including Fred Mortagne, Steve Pitocco, Morte, Ben Thé, Brokovich, Minh Tran, Jimbo Barbu, Ilk, Gero, Maximilien Minsk, Lucas Beaufort, Rylsee and many others!

Coming from a wide range of backgrounds, the presence of these artists naturally gives Art By Friends an international dimension. Artists from Annecy, Geneva, Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Lisbon, Montreal, Vicenza, Berlin, London...

An art gallery, a space dedicated to selling our creations, a screen-printing workshop, a community café, a workshop space, etc. Exhibitions, creative workshops, second-hand clothes shops, video previews, new collection launches and themed evenings are all on offer on a regular basis. 

Our aim is to help you discover artists from Annecy and beyond, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, with professional support.

The Art By Friends collective supports the local scene first and foremost, and it's only natural that other players in the city's cultural life have come on board with enthusiasm and dynamism: the team includes Maximilien Minsk, Martine Romand, Brokovich, Maquisards and Carrousel.

Don't hesitate to come and meet us in this 200 m2 establishment.

Art By Friends
14 Avenue du Rhône
74000 Annecy
06 77 63 13 61

Art By Friends Annecy
Art By Friends Annecy
Art By Friends Annecy


In terms of culture, CITIA is a world-renowned pillar in the field of animation movie.

Annecy hosts the annual International Animation Film Festival, a must-see event for animation film professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world. Every year, directors, producers and animation fans gather in Annecy to discover the latest creations and take part in exciting workshops. At CITIA, travel through history and discover an animated universe that will appeal to children and adults and allow you to discover animated cinema in a new format.

CITIA is a place where creativity flourishes, where stories come to life and dreams come true.

Animation film museum

18 av. du Trésum
74000 Annecy

Le Citia à Annecy
© FC/Dept74

Galerie 361

Galerie 361 is another well-known venue in Annecy for photography enthusiasts. Here you will discover the most beautiful photos of the region, Lake Annecy, the surrounding mountains and all our most beautiful landscapes are in the limelight: The Alps, Chamonix, Mont-Blanc... The most beautiful peaks...

Green forests, autumn colours, white landscapes, some of the exhibitions will take you from season to season.

Contemplating the photographs on display in Galerie 361, by emerging and established artists, will give you the feeling of going on a journey.  

We recommend that you consult the gallery's website in advance to find out which exhibitions are scheduled and which artists are exhibiting on the dates of your stay in Annecy.

More than just an exhibition, a visit to Galerie 361 is also an opportunity to discover our region in a different way, through visuals that reveal Annecy, its lake and its mountains.


Galerie 361
1 Faubourg des Annonciades
74000 Annecy

Galerie 361, Annecy vieille ville

The Solomon Foundation

The Fondation Salomon is a veritable jewel of contemporary art in Annecy. Founded by the Salomon family, this cultural institution is a meeting place for artists and art lovers. By visiting this inspiring space, you will have the opportunity to discover talented artists and immerse yourself in their unique worlds. 

The foundation opened its doors on 27 June 2001 at the Château d'Arenthon in Alex, a village around fifteen kilometres from Annecy. For twelve years, the foundation has exhibited internationally renowned artists here. In January 2014, it moved to La FabriC in the heart of Annecy, just a few minutes from the Boutik Hôtel, to develop new activities: exhibitions, meetings, conferences...

A workshop for children is organised during the summer, allowing them to create their first works in a studio, guided by an artist (dates and details are available on the Fondation Salomon website).

Fondation Salomon
34 Av. de Loverchy
74000 Annecy

Galerie de la fondation Salomon à Annecy

Temporary Exhibitions

As well as permanent art institutions, Annecy also offers a myriad of temporary exhibitions. These exhibitions evolve over time, offering visitors a different experience every time they visit. From themed exhibitions to retrospectives of renowned artists and special presentations, these ephemeral events allow visitors to discover new forms of art and be surprised by the boundless creativity of the artists.

Take Annecy Paysages, for example, during the summer season. Organised by Bonlieu Scène nationale since 2018, Annecy Paysages is an itinerary in the city and in the open air, to be discovered with the family, for example and punctuated by artistic and landscape installations in the emblematic sites of Annecy. Every street, corner or park, bring culture to life in a life-size format.

To find out when this event is taking place, visit the Annecy Tourist Office website, and take a look at the map to see all the works on display.

Oeuvre exposée à l'occasion de Annecy Paysages
© Marc Domage/Breathing Lotus Flower – Choi Jeong Hwa

Annecy is much more than a picturesque destination for nature lovers. It's a place where art, culture and creativity come together to form a vibrant artistic landscape. Whether you're passionate about contemporary art, animated film or simply looking for inspiration, Annecy offers many opportunities to satisfy your thirst for culture.